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Main responsibilities

Updated: 2024-03-06

Responsible for land, minerals, forests, grasslands, wetlands, waters and other natural resources owned by the general public and for management of use of all land and space; carrying out surveys, monitoring and evaluating natural resources; ensuring accurate registration of natural resources; managing payments for use of natural resources and their rational exploitation and utilization; establishment of a citywide space planning system and supervision of its implementation; ecological restoration of the city's land and space; organizing and implementing the strictest protection system for cultivated land; geological and mineral management; implementing integrated disaster prevention and mitigation planning requirements and compiling the city's geological disaster prevention and control plan and guiding its implementation; mapping geographic information management; pushing forward the development of science and technology in the field of natural resources; investigating and dealing with major illegal cases of exploitation and utilization of natural resources, land and space planning and mapping; the daily work of the office of the Municipal Planning and Construction Commission and the unified leadership and management of the Municipal Forestry Bureau. 

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